Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My son greeted me yesterday morning with this orchid, which he was very proud of.  It is in a glass planter with two balls of gorgeous moss, immersed in living moss and river rocks.  A pretty silk purple butterfly sets it off.  What a gorgeous way to start the day.

I was then sequestered in my bedroom while the kids cooked up something special... LITERALLY! I could hear the sound of pots and pans clanging and soon good cooking smells were wafting up the stairs...

A little while later, the girls brought me curried cous cous with peas and black pepper, along with a grilled panini made with peppers, tomato slices, fresh basil, rosemary and soy cheese. These kids even took mom's special food preferences into account! The food was delicious. But the gift that stood out for me, was how much thought went into the menu... my children really know me and consciously prepared foods they knew I would love.

It didn't end there. Squeak then made me a home-baked Mother's Day cake which she decorated herself. She clearly put so much heart and soul into her lettering... which made the cake all the sweeter for me. Did you catch the photo of last year's cake? Take a peek HERE.

Next, CHAMPAGNE with a splash of Pom liqueur and cranberry juice! It was DIVINE! Then... the big reveal. These crazy kids conspired and arranged to get me a new Coach purse. This is a big deal. Not just because it's Coach and they knew I'd love it. But because (and I quote) "it's big enough for your calendar and all your swag, so you always have everything you need, with you."  They knew I'd been carrying at least two bags with me, everywhere I went. No more. :)

Then Squeak made dinner. Her brother requested more panini sandwiches, so they were once again on the menu. But the main event was a super indulgent entree I love but only allow myself a couple times each year: rigatoni with alfredo sauce, garlic, peas, freshly chopped parsley and plenty of cracked black pepper.  The kids washed and dried the dishes and they kept my champagne glass full! 

The most fun, hands down, happened while dinner was cooking. My son cranked up the music and we all sang and danced to The Killers in the kitchen! The music was way too loud, we were way too wild and the fun level was way high! Windows were open and I'm sure the neighbors heard, but you know what? So what?!

At the end of the day, my thoughts were clear and I was ready to open my heart and express myself to the kids. Here's what I told them:

For me, Mother's Day is not about the stuff, and never will be.
Someone could take away everything I own, all my very favorite things, and I'd be okay.
But if I lost any one of my children, I'd never be okay... ever again.

Before my children, my life was starkly different. Sure, I traveled more, and I had more stuff.  I was a freelance magazine and newspaper writer who dashed to LA and Hawaii on a whim, sporting a fabulous wardrobe.
But I was hollow inside and had no idea of the true meaning of love.
I see now how empty that life was. There was a gaping void I had no idea how to fill.

My children arrived... and that void closed.
The day my first child was born, I began becoming a woman - truly.  I grew in mind and spirit as more babies arrived.
Because of my children, I know love - true, unconditional love.
Because of my children, I have purpose and motivation and a fullness heart and soul, every day.

For me, Mother's Day is every day because we are such a close little family.
My son never exits the car or ends a phone call without saying, "I love you" - to me or his sisters.
The girls say "I love you" daily and freely to one another.
I overhear my kids all the time, saying they are one another's best friend.

My children tell each other secrets. They conspire to launch crazy surprises... and lots of jokes and pranks!
They fight... and then they make up. They are cognitive, they are aware and they are compassionate.
They are silly and they are hard workers. They laugh freely and give love even more freely.
They give me purpose and they give me joy on a daily basis.
They are my greatest gift.

I loved the food and the orchid and oh yes indeed, I love my Coach purse.
But make no mistake; those kids are the REAL gifts. 
I am blessed. My life is blessed because of my children.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the world.


Marisa Birns said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day for you! Your kids gave you the gift of love and magic...among all the other great presents. :)

KellyP said...

Your children are so very blessed to have such a loving mama and you are so very blessed to have them as well. Without such a loving connection between you all I feel that you would not have such a strong bond as what you do.

Jennifer said...

Yes you are blessed Jo Lynne. Couldn't agree with you more, the stuff was great but the kids are the real gift. Its so amazing to hear you say that but even better, you said it to your kids. They are also blessed to have such a talented and loving mother. You are an inspiration to us all. Jen xo

Ann said...

Well you made me cry once again Miss Jo Lynne. There you go again with those emotional words. Our children most certainly do bless our lives with joy.

I couldn't be happier you were treated like a queen yesterday. You know I follow your work and I know how hard you work Jo Lynne. If anyone deserved a magical day it's you. Just so happens I had one too, my daughter came through in spades. Brunch with cake at her house after, playing cards with all the grandkids and the whole nine. We are both very blessed. Hugs Annie

Stacey said...

What a beautiful day you had. You deserved every minute too.