Saturday, June 12, 2010

ParaGoddess Podcast EPISODE 3: Paranormal MASHUP!

It is my supreme pleasure to invite readers, listeners and visitors to listen to Episode 3 of my ParaGoddess Podcasts.  This New Moon, I'm dishing up something very cool and utterly unique... a Paranormal MASHUP! 

In this podcast, I'm answering YOUR questions from last week's Thoughtful Thursday.  We're discussing essential oils and crystals for mental clarity, restful sleep and personal energizing.  We're also discussing past lives, animal totems and familiars, my new novel and SO MUCH MORE!

And now the surprise I promised in the podcast.  To celebrate A Tale for All Seasons' recent Next Indie Finalist Award, the release of my current book Phoenix Rising (which has sold like *hot cakes*!) and the fact that after just two episodes, ParaGoddess Podcasts has 117 subscribers, I'm giving away a SIGNED COPY of A Tale for All Seasons packed with my pretty swag.  

All you have to do to enter the contest is comment on something I talk about in the podcast.  Tell me what you liked, what struck you, ask a question or share an opinion.  Comment right here, below.  I will draw a winner at random on Saturday, June 19.  Good luck, everyone! And thank you... from the bottom of my ParaGoddess heart, for loving and appreciating my writing and my podcasts.


Kelly P. said...

Dearest Jo Lynne,

thank you for taking the time to answer my question about past lives and my love of cats. What an amazing bit of syncronicity to have my question come after the question about your beliefs and how you mentioned your own past lives! If I were easily able to be hypnotized that probably would benthe best way to go about with it but as fate would have it in my second semester at uni the first go round we got the tutor off the topic which we were supposed to be covering that day and on to hypnotism and so when he asked for volunteers I put my hand up. Then he did the whole your arm is getting heavy thing and while all the other volunteers had their arms dropping to their laps mine was the only one in the original position. Go figure! Lol!

It sounds right that my love of cats is related to a past life or lives and also my phobias as well, so who knows maybe I was Egyptian in a past life. Heck even my quilting label has something to do with my love of cats (Celtic Cat Creations) so maybe it could be a borderline obsession. Especially considering the amount of cat stuff that I have in my bedroom and how lost I feel without a cat or three.

Also this podcast really lifted a feeling of negativity that I had on my chest the last day or so thanks to having some financial worries at the moment. But thanks to the advice that you have given others and a thought that I might need it one day I will be wearing a green adventurine bracelet that I got last year, when I go to inquire about a job on Tuesday after my exams. Thanks for being such an amazing influence to me and for being such an amazing friend.

Purrs and Kisses.

Freedom Writer said...


Thank you for your comments on your Podcast. Today I am working on finding more information on the Dark of the Moon.

Freedom Writer

Books and Bane said...

Thanks for the answer… #3 has been what I have been looking for the past 4 weeks… no luck. No insurance.

But I CAN DO numbers 1 & 2!!!!


Julie Finney said...

JoLynne, loved the podcast. Thank you for answering my question about crossing over my ghosts! The man was related to me in a past life, the woman loves the little boy ghosts and my cats and she is attached to my property, one little boy was killed in a train accident locally in the 1800s and the other little boy died of an illness in the 1970's and is attached to me not the property. The man is very protective of me and my house. So it always seemed that they were meant to be here and are happy, but of late I have wondered if I am being selfish in not crossing them over. So I appreciate so much your answer knowing that you have experienced the same thing and understand my sadness. I know now I have to do what is best for them and not for me. I do not have experience in crossing ghosts over but I have friends who are mediums and can talk to them and help them to the light. I will let you know how it goes. I am so glad to have connected with you! I love syncronicity! Love and Light Julie

MoonworksApothecary said...

thank you JoLynne for an awesome podcast and for answering my question :)