Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Week... Live Online (Radio Interview!) and Live In Person (Collingswood Book Festival)

A few days home... a few days out.  That's the norm so far for this ParaGoddess2010 Book Tour, and I'm lovin' it sick.

Next up, a live radio interview discussing positive energy, spirits and spirit guides on Language of Light with host Susan Cotter.

Then, I'm off to the Collingswood Book Festival in New Jersey.  Look for me in the Romance Unlimited Tent.  I'll be signing copies of my (limited edition) Strange Love, Phoenix Rising and A Tale for All Seasons.  And I've got your swag goodies, too.  Come and get 'em!☽♥  



mean mom productions said...

have fun sweetie!

Helen said...

Can't make the book festival but I can't wait to tune in. Congratulations Jo Lynne, you earned it.