Friday, February 26, 2010

Children's Book Give-away

Just now as I was doing the laundry, I decided to go a step further and organize a shelf that had gathered quite an array of... odd ball items. Among them, a brand new paper-back copy of 'All The Lovely Bad Ones', a children's book by Mary Downing Hahn. My son had given it to my youngest daughter for Christmas. She had, in fact, received over a dozen books (she takes after mama; little girl's an avid reader!) and blazed through them all quickly, as she usually does.

So why hadn't my daughter read 'All The Lovely Bad Ones'? Because, it turns out, she already has a copy. The copy I found in the laundry room is a spare.

Well, why not make my over-flow your gain? Besides, you guys know I love giving things away to my readers. :) Visit my About page, to see what I mean.

This book is free to a good home. Leave me a comment requesting the book, if you'd like it. As it is a children's book, I'd like it to go to someone who has kids or will give it to a child.

At the end of the weekend (Sunday evening), I'll draw a name at random and notify the winner in a comment right here. So if you enter the drawing, please check back Sunday night to see if you've won. Good luck, darlings!

Moonbeams and Luv ~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday ~ February 25, 2010


Meet me here each week for Thoughtful Thursday. I'll be sharing what I know and what I can, answering reader questions on holistic health, spirituality, the Paranormal, metaphysics, writing, my work, your world, personal or spiritual advice... I'll answer two questions each week. I'm feeling the love already. :)

SUBMIT QUESTIONS in an Email via my website, in a private Facebook message or DM me on Twitter. You can also post your question in the chat box on my Para Classes page.

I'm calling in a marker this week, darlings. I'm going to suspend answering reader questions in favor of a different kind of treat for this week's Thoughtful Thursday. This is what happens when an author wakes up in the night to write - and keeps writing until it becomes a new day! My wits are not entirely about me this morning and lest I give less than excellent energy in my responses to your questions, I'll favor an old-stand by. But I think it's an old stand-by treat you'll like.

With our economy being what it is, everyone can use a little fortification in the financial department. Here is an old-fashioned folk magic my auntie taught me to make. She taught me in the oldest of ways: by letting me watch her when I was a child. When I was old enough, she told me the exact proportions of ingredients to be used, which I later wrote down into my magical journal.

Sounds like fiction, right? *chuckles softly* Nope, it's a snap shot out of my childhood. Yes, we exist, and we live among you!

Moving on. :)

Feel free to jot this down or copy, paste and print. I'm sharing this with my readers because it's good stuff, and most of all - because it works. Like I always say, if we know something that can help other people, then why in the world wouldn't we help other people by sharing what we know? Please leave me comments, and particularly give me feedback *after* you make a Money Attraction Bottle - I'll want to hear your good news. :)

Money Attraction Bottle
1 small to medium sized jar or bottle. If you like, you can get a pretty one from the craft store; I'd suggest green if possible.
8 old pennies
8 dimes
8 quarters
8 peppercorns
8 kernels of dried corn (you can dry frozen corn in a low oven, about 200F for 50-60 minutes)
8 cinnamon sticks
8 whole cloves
8 shakes of powdered garlic

Assembling your Money Attraction Bottle in a serene environment really helps; you're eliminating distractions that way, and increasing the amount of concentration and thus the amount of energy you're able to give your project. If you want to get fancy (I always do this...) lay down a placemat (green if possible) and light a candle (green if possible, white as a secondary color). Put on some soft music such as spa or relaxation music, yoga music or Native American flute.

When you're ready, one at a time, take the ingredients into your hands, cup your hands around it and close your eyes. Feel your hands getting warm (this is a good sign) and will that warmth/energy into the item. You are putting your energy into it and thus lending power to the finished product. As you perform this energy infusion, imagine financial stability, happy financial surprises coming your way, increased prosperity in a way that harms none and flows naturally and easily. Repeat this process with every item.

When you are through infusing each item, place them one by one, very solemnly and with great concentration, into a large bowl. Now begin to mix all the items together with your fingers, visualizing once again money, stability and prosperity flowing easily into your life. The prosperity comes in such a way as to harm no one, and it comes with ease and flow.

If you experience any thoughts of doubt, push them quickly from your mind. When you feel the time is right, and your items are "ready", place the items into your jar or bottle. Cap it tightly. To seal your work, shake the bottle or jar gently, hearing all the ingredients shaking around; imagine money "raining down" all around you. You are further visualizing your goal and thus increasing potential success.

Now, place your Money Attraction Bottle somewhere appropriate - on the living room mantle or on the kitchen counter (central areas of your home) or near the can where you keep household cash.

Expect your financial situation to improve and amplify; allow prosperity to flow into your life by keeping your thoughts, behavior and expectations positive.

Note: You may have noticed I suggested the color green a lot; this is the color associated with abundance and prosperity.

Attention, skeptics: Last fall, I made a prosperity pouch and posted the instructions in my Fan Group, then offered to give away the pouch I'd made, to one reader. That reader received unexpected and utterly unusual financial gain the very day she received the pouch, and she continued to experience increased prosperity in the days and weeks to come. Read about it, HERE.

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Moonbeams and Luv ~


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Renewing Mind and Soul During This Last Leg of Winter...

One thing I look forward to each winter is my visit to the Lamberton Conservatory in my hometown of Rochester, New York. The conservatory, run by our local horticultural club, is situated in one of the oldest parks in the city, Highland Park, which is surrounded by some of the oldest and (some say) most haunted homes in the city. Perfect destination spot for me. *winks*

But the neighborhood, though I love it, isn't why I go to the conservatory. And the park, though one of my favorites and a frequent destination of mine during warm months, isn't why I go to the Conservatory. I go because during the cold and dark of winter, it affords visitors a breath of warm, balmy air; an atmosphere of lush greenery.

Too, there are dessert landscapes and - quite honestly - an energy that is powerfully renewing. There is a tangible magic about the conservatory. Here are some photos from my visit; enjoy.

We're right in the midst of the deepest leg of winter. Spring is right around the corner, but about now, lots of folks are feeling antsy to say the least. For me, my local conservatory is the perfect place to take my kids and me for an afternoon out, to renew mind and soul.

Moonbeams and Luv ~

Monday, February 22, 2010

Creativity-Fest, Tonight

This weekend was an activity-fest for me. Not surprising. With three kids, there's always something happening, stuff to do, something to address or somewhere to go. I love it; I wouldn't change a thing.

I went places, I wrote a lot, I nurtured myself and I had lots of laughs. I boosted my word count significantly, which makes me a very happy girl.

Now, the Moon is Waxing in Gemini and I'm planning to interact with it (also known as: work the energies!) in my own way. This moon phase infuses us with increased communication skills, heightened creativity and an intensified desire to socialize. Let me translate that for you: when the Moon is Waxing in Gemini, we talk a lot and we can be downright chatty; we want to write or make stuff, and perhaps most of all, we want to go do - with other people.

So for tonight, I've planned a pretty great dinner (you guys know I love to cook!) and before I make the rounds to pick the kids up from school, I plan to set out some colored and patterned paper, markers, colored pencils and materials to decorate their scrap books or journals. Once homework and dinner are out of the way, I'm going to invite the family to join me in socializing in the dining room as we express ourselves creatively.

Personally, I'll be tapping into the infusion of creative energy by adding some new decorative additions to my book journal.

Book journal? Oh, yes. I started a journal while I was writing A Tale for all Seasons, and I have kept it up since then. In it, I write down plans for the book I'm currently working on, and I usually write in highlights of the story-line I particularly like or am excited about.

I write about how I plan to market the book, and what creative ideas I have for talking it up to my readers or presenting it at signings and Cons. I like to create book events that make the most of my Para and Metaphysical knowledge, all the while tied in to my books, so I might write about workshop ideas in my journal, too. I often doodle on the pages, and sometimes I dedicate a whole page to one character, describing their appearance, their signature qualities and aspects of their personality and story.

Three books to date have been recorded, and their evolution charted, in my book journal. It's time to add some pages detailing the genesis and evolution of the fourth. What a wild thing it is to read that last statement - four books. Oh my WOW.

Feeling blessed today, readers, feeling very, very blessed. And inspired. Waxing Gemini does that... I'm inspired to love and care for my family and to spend quality family time tonight, engaged in creative expression.

Peaceout. And as always...

Moonbeams and Luv ~

p.s. I've posted news. See my comments on the post below to find out how the Name My Character Contest went. See The Latest for a glance back at my active weekend and the latest word count on my WIP, referred to by me as the #NewNovel. If you have not yet voted for what ParaClass you'd like to take with me, please visit THAT PAGE and share your thoughts with me. And finally, please check out my Tour page to see if I'll be traveling to your town or nearby this year. Thanks for visiting! Love you guys. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Alright guys, here we go with another amazing opp. You guys ready? My new novel, due to release this summer, is almost complete. Really, I'm just adding details now. Soon, revisions and edits will begin. We are right on schedule and I'm getting excited! EXCEPT... Well darlings, I just added on a new character. He literally just CAME TO ME, and this character makes so much sense, and adds SO MUCH to the story, that HE HAS MADE HIMSELF AN ASSET.

Here's my challenge and opportunity for you. I'm going to let you guys NAME THIS CHARACTER. Here is a photo of him:

To help you, here is his bio: This young man is a rogue, a vagabond - no home, no family. He is supernatural in constitution. SORRY, NO SPOILERS. Let's just say... HE HAS ABILITIES. You're going to be surprised. I promise you that. By nature, he is dangerous and volatile. But he has a heart of gold. He bonds with our hero and is incredibly loyal to both the hero and the heroine - although that loyalty does get challenged at one point.

Now, readers, tell me... WHAT IS HIS NAME?

Let me sweeten the pot for you. The reader/fan who suggests the name I choose will not only receive the honor of having this character in my new novel bear the name you choose, but you will receive one of the trio of ARCs being printed of this novel. That's right, you'll get a copy of the novel before anyone else does.

The name of the character, and your name as the winning reader/fan who named him, will be announced when Pre-order info is announced for the novel.

Ready? Set? GO! Name my character!

Be informed: You may suggest more than one name. Please give it some thought. Look into his eyes, consider his bio. Give me your best suggestion!

FOR MORE ON THIS NOVEL - CLICK HERE. There are also pictures of my HERO and HEROINE. Brace yourselves. They're beautiful, too.

Moonbeams and Luv ~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursdays ~ February 18


Meet me here each week for Thoughtful Thursday. I'll be sharing what I know and what I can, answering reader questions on holistic health, spirituality, the Paranormal, metaphysics, writing, my work, your world, personal or spiritual advice... I'll answer two questions each week. I'm feeling the love already. :)

SUBMIT QUESTIONS in an Email via my website, in a private Facebook message or DM me on Twitter. You can also post your question in the chat box on my Para Classes page.

Thoughtful Thursday questions for February 18

Q 1: I've been following your blog for a few months now, and I've tried a couple of your suggestions. New Year's and the full moon was the turning point, but I didn't know it then. I have received a job offering that is going to make my family, marriage and home life easier. It is just exactly what I needed. I had mostly forgotten about New Year's until now. It looks like what I envisioned for New Year's is going to happen. I'm feeling empowered and confident, and I want to build on that. I want to learn more, but I'm not exactly sure what - aligning more with spirits, the earth, Wicca, self discovery? I am a complete greenie, but feel like I've stumbled upon something I've always had with me, but never really paid attention to. Do you have any suggestions or a possible starting point that might help me? - B-ster

A: You said it all: you have stumbled upon something you always had with you. Many spiritual paths call that experience an awakening; I call it becoming aligned. I remember the Full Moon visualization I wrote about on the New Year's Eve Blue Moon; that was a powerful moon - I'm not surprised your vision manifested.

But the truth is, our visions can often manifest. The key is in believing that it's possible, and using the law of attraction along with our ability to manifest goals and dreams - effectively and responsibly. Over-manifesting isn't good (we become imbalanced) so you're wise to want to proceed slowly, gather knowledge.

I'm going to point you to some of the blogs on my Myspace page, and then I'll send you over to my spiritual community (badly in need of an update; you've been warned), Temple of the Moonlit Path. There, you'll find lots to read - meditations and recipes, rituals and instructions for making pouches and potions and all manner of magical goodies. I never post anything that isn't appropriate for a seeker/student/individual at any level, and you'll notice too, along with the goodies, there is an ample amount of spiritual writing, enough to satisfy an expanding appetite. If you get through the blogs on those sites and feel hungry for more, ready to go deeper, then visit the site of my former print magazine, Full Moon Rising.

I'm going to be offering some online classes; a few are already on my Schedule and there will be more dates to come. If you have not already, I invite you to vote on the Para class you'd like to take, or leave me a message in the chat box for multiple votes.

You're becoming more empowered, aligning with your spirit and discovering a sense of purpose and what your own positive energy can do. Time now, to learn more. Hit those links. :)

Q 1: Can children be Intuitive to the spiritual nature of others? I ask this because I feel like my children are Intuitive and they are better at listening to spirit than adults. I often encourage them to do so carefully. When they do, they are often right about a person or situation. I am often wowed by their accuracy. - S.

A: Oh yes, children are highly psychic. There is a spiritual reason for this, and a biological one. People always refer to the innocence and purity of children. Adults, after a lifetime of being exposed to the ideas of others and many experiences both positive and negative, can become jaded and therefore... closed. But children see the world through open, clear eyes; they see wonder in everything and they know with every fiber of their being, that magic is real. Some spiritual paths also believe that as they are "new" (ie., young) the souls of children are still very close to our Maker and therefore kids are naturally more spiritual.

The biological reason for high psychic ability in children is fascinating. We're all born with a pineal gland; it is a small mass of gray tissue situated in the center of the forehead, embedded deeply behind the skull where it is protected (thus indicating that although small and insignificant looking, this gland must be of great importance - the brain is likewise protected by the skull and the heart is protected by the rib cage).

Scientific research has confirmed that the pineal gland is literally a clearing house for spiritual and psychic information. It expands and vibrates when a psychic or medium is "working" or "receiving messages." What's significant to your question, however, is that the pineal gland is enlarged, in children. With the onset of puberty, the pineal gland begins to shrink. As adults, our pineal gland - also called the "Third Eye" by eastern spiritual cultures - is half the size it was when we were children. So yes, children are psychic and Intuitive - much more so and more naturally, than adults.

For more on Intuition and how we can develop and maintain it as adults, visit my Para Class page and vote for an upcoming class on Intuitive Development.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Manifesting Goals and Dreams ... in time for Spring

Our minds, desires and intentions, are powerful things. Knowing how to tap into that power and utilize it for our own empowerment - or to manifest our goals and dreams, is a gift every human has access to. Why not make the most of this powerful time (the deepest leg of winter before the seasonal change to spring) and empower your desires so they can emerge, alive, when the weather warms?

New Fans First opportunity for members of my Group Page. Oh yes, membership has benefits. Come and get your detailed information and instructions on how to manifest goals and dreams now, during the powerful space of time before spring.


Moonbeams and Luv ~

Monday, February 15, 2010


What a festive Valentine's Day I had, putting together goodie bags for my girls, throwing my annual Valentine's Day Goddess Party, hosting my Valentine's Day Blog Tour (thanks to all who participated and to all those who visited the tour!) and celebrating the big day itself, out on the town last night.

Now that I have a chance to slow down and breathe... I realize I've got three Valentine's Day goodie bags left over, and they are free to a good home. No great shakes, friends - just cute little goodie bags filled with a few pieces of cute candy, but you're welcome to it. The first three to respond get the treats.

I have book updates, too - see The Latest for the inside scoop. Get current WIP status reports on my New Releases page and don't forget to vote for what free online Paranormal Class you'd like to take with me on my Para Classes page.

Moonbeams and Luv ~