Friday, February 24, 2012

authentically YOU

When I was a little girl, I loved getting new pencils, paper and a notebook.  I'd get so excited.  I couldn't wait to spread everything out on my desk or bed, and just look at it.

I was a word-nerd; an introverted, reflective child.  And looking at this pic, taken just a few days ago, I have to ask myself:  What's changed, really?  

I think it's important to maintain and engage in, the things that are important to you.   It's vital to keep alive the personal activities that feed your soul, and the interests that engage and animate your mind and spirit.  

Because when we don't, we lose little pieces of ourselves, bit by bit, over time.  What then happens is we find ourselves living ho-hum lives, with ho-hum people, acting out ho-hum destinies.  We are better than that.  

If there is just one thing you do for yourself today, please let it be this:  scroll back in your memory to when you were a child.  What interested you?  What activity had your attention, and claimed your time?

Bring that back, immediately.  It is genuine, and it is pure.  Make it a part of your life, and make room in your world for it --- because without the genuine expression of who you are on a soul level, you're in mortal danger of becoming ho-hum.  Which is always, always, the kiss of (emotional /mental / spiritual / physical) death.  We can do better.  We'd rather embrace and resurrect our passions, instead.  

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Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

I adore this post of you... probably the most important reason for returning back to our childhood state, is for recovering our spiritual "purity" and "innocence" isn't it?
Keep on shining ♥!