Saturday, February 11, 2012


Gather round, kids.  Few things we must discuss. Did everyone get a cup of coffee?  Make sure you pass the cookie tray, too; everyone needs to get something sweet.  Alright.  Are we set?

Children, please pay very careful attention to your ParaGoddess today.  On the issue of manners, it is rude to show up empty-handed to someone's home.  

There is always something you can bring.  A bag of donuts.  A "care box" of just a few random things you grabbed from your own cupboard, to add to your friend's pantry, as in days of old.  A $1 cup of coffee from the drive-thru. One of your own unburned candles.  A frikken picture you drew them!  You get the point!  Manners!  Be respectful to your hostesses and hosts.

The art of hospitality is a fine and important one.  Let us treat it with the time-honored respect it deserves.  Let our hostesses and hosts be gracious and let our guests be grateful ~ and let them show it.

If you eat, do volunteer to wash the dishes.  And if you've been invited to eat or drink several times, do return the offer in kind.  If you are not lady or lord of your own home, offer to take your hostess/host out for a meal or if on a budget, a cuppa.  Hospitality.  Respectful adult behavior.  These are our keystones for today.
To this end, we are also going to be gracious to everyone we meet today.  We are going to embody the art of hospitality and emanate the very grace shown to us by the Divine.  Deal?  Fabulous.  I'm so glad you're with me on this. *wink*

Now.  More libations, anyone?  There's plenty of coffee, tea, and my home-baked cupcakes, cookies and cakes to go around.  I may even be able to produce some of that left-over potato pie!  (HUGE SHOUT to my #Facebookers for all 69 comments, trying to guess what kind of pie it was!  You guys were awesome!  And I promise to post the recipe for that pretty little bit of deliciousness, soon.  So good!)

Love and bliss to ALL my readers, fans and online friends, as the ultimate Day of Love approaches ~ 
♥ #ParaGoddess

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