Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mental Health Day ~

I went to the conservatory, the other day.  Because I wanted to, and I needed to, and I knew it would bring me back to center in a way that certain special places can.

There was a time in my life when I escaped to the conservatory (Lamberton Nature Conservatory, nestled in the heart of Highland Park, part of Rochester's cultural district) every chance I got.  The old folks, members of the Horticultural Society, who took turns manning the register ("That'll be $1 to get in, please.") came to know me.

Through the years they saw me show up with baby in stroller, diaper bag on shoulder, elementary school-aged kids in summer shorts rolled up (as we escaped the heat of the suburbs) or sometimes just me and one kid, bundled in snow-gear and red-faced, because we'd just finished sledding on the hill, and now we'd popped in for a dose of nature.

There's something about the conservatory.  The walk-up alone will get you.  A gently winding path at the top of a gorgeous Highland Park hill.  The old-time streetlights.  And the history and longevity and the pretty ~  ♥  #ParaGoddess

{ the "house" inside the conservatory ~ I have a strange fascination with this... and I think I'd like the front of my house to look something like this ~ a burst of color and vegetation... at once lovely, old-fashioned and welcoming ~ }

{ the "jungle room" ~ I spent some time here, coat off, 
meditating and pondering various aspects of life... }

{ over-grown gold fish in the pond ~ I couldn't leave without saying something about the presence of pennies in the water, which is toxic for the fish ~ }

{ quite a shock to the senses when leaving the jungle room and entering this desert area... 
The desert room is cool and dry, quiet and--- yeah... }

{ I found this dry, faded flower... and instantly associated it with my old life... the life I have let go and the parts of myself that are dying away... }

{ Moments later, I found this vibrant bloom ~ and immediately knew it was significant of the new life I am creating...  Lives are changing lanes ~ }

♥ #ParaGoddess

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