Tuesday, February 28, 2012

That Moment ~ ♥

That moment when something shifts and you see the truth... and the changes that need to be made.

That moment when it is what it is, and you know what it do, and everything makes sense and you're okay with it.

That moment when you're not confused, and you're not completely happy, but you're not exactly sad either, and that's good...  Because there is a light and you've seen that light and you know it's coming for you ~

That moment when you see how much you've lost... and how much there is to gain.  It's not so much about reinventing, but more about reclaiming, and what's true will always be what's best...

That moment of clarity ~

#ForTheWin   #ParaGoddess

What you want, you are, you always were
When the plans fall, changing hands,
What are the chances of winning?
It's the one thing you can count on ~
We all end falling away...


Anonymous said...

Luke 16:10

JoLynne Valerie said...
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